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NFT Projects

Thinking Of You

This is your our 1st NFT Project . "Thinking Of You" is a collection of works that explores the relationship between the work and the viewer. The relationship between the two is unique. The best-known masterpieces establish a unique bond with everyone. "Thinking Of You" offers one of unique and aesthetic reports.


Thinking Of You - Collector Terms

These Terms of Use govern the rights of owners of non-fungible tokens created on distributed digital ledgers or blockchains ("NFTs") that contain or correspond to digital works of art ("works") created by BnLd x C0r3t3k or other artists (each, an “Artist”), which NFTs are first made available via the website operated by bergonzofirstfloor, currently located at (the “Site”, as further defined in detail in the Terms of Service) the marketing will receive a dedicated site. These owners are referred to in these terms as "collectors".

If you mint or buy an NFT through the Site, the blockchain will identify your public blockchain address as the owner of the NFT and you will receive a limited license to the corresponding Artwork as described in these Collector Terms. But other than that license, you do not have any rights in the Artwork, all of which rights remain with and are reserved by us. For ease of reference, we refer to NFTs originally minted on or acquired through the Site as “Site NFTs,” and a Site NFT together with the license rights in the corresponding Artwork as a “Digital Item.”


Collection / 1111 NFT TOY

What are our reactions to a masterpiece? At the time of the selfie, is the work more important than the spectator? The portrait gallery offers a series of 1111 works. Some very rare, winks, surprises. A WHITE LIST allows you to be part of the privileged who will join the adventure.


White List & Collectors

The whitelist will mainly consist of members of the development team. But also of the first 111 registered via our contact email (those who have requested it) In addition, there will be a white list of 100 people linked to TOY (Thinking Of You), as well as Friends & Family. (The unclaimed quantity after the Whitelist and Friends & Family distributions will be offered via public sale.) 800 will then be offered by Vente Publique, which will be a lottery. The purchase will be limited to 10 TOY per MetaMask wallet. A card will then be partially revealed. Sale price Whitelist presale: 0.0900 ETH Public sale: 0.111 ETH

Capture d’écran 2022-04-07 à 16.42.34.png
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